"My life has changed for the better!"

My name is Patricia and I am 51 years old.

I had a terrible complex about the state of my teeth... so much so that I no longer dared to smile.

A friend recommended Dr. Hatzkevich to me, and I went to see him for a consultation at his (large) house in Brussels.

After examining me and taking X-rays with a Code Beam machine, he suggested two solutions.

The first was a removable prosthesis, and the second was a fixed bridge, placed on just four implants.

I chose the second solution, and I am absolutely delighted with it!

Everything went very smoothly... and I proudly show off my beautiful smile to all my friends and acquaintances.

Thank you, Dr. Hatzkevich, for your talent and warm welcome.

"Admirable dental work"

I am Jean-Pierre, an entrepreneur, 61 years old.

I have been living in Antwerp for 20 years and was looking for a good dentist to "redo" my teeth at the age of 60.

Dentist Hatzkevich seemed to be the right man for the job.

He received me in his private office in Antwerp, on the first floor, a super modern place where everything is brand new.

I didn't have to bite into any paste... dentist Hatzkevich takes his impressions with a digital mouth scanner.

A few days later, I got my "new teeth": a surprisingly light and comfortable chrome-cobalt prosthesis.

Since then, my life has changed... I can finally bite into a baguette, and I receive many compliments, especially from the ladies!

"Metamorphosis at 71"

Nadine, 72 years old, married to Marc, 73 years old.

Our younger years were in the 60s, the 'swinging sixties'.

My husband once confessed how beautiful he found Jane Fonda in the movie Barbarella.

It's true that she was young, fresh, and beautiful... and still is!

As I got older, my front teeth became so damaged that my husband always joked with me: "Oh, if only you had Barbarella's teeth."

So I went to dentist Hatzkevich and showed him a photo of Jane Fonda.

"Could you do this, doctor?"

He replied with a smile: "I will try," and two weeks later, I left his practice with a metamorphosis.

My new teeth are more beautiful and whiter than real teeth, they are made of "zirconium," said Dr. Hatzkevich.

Now my husband only calls me "Barbarella"!

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